The latest released version of ScaleGraph is 2.2.

For first time users, please visit getting started page for the information about installation and compilation. We also provide virtual box image below, so you can give ScaleGraph library a try right away. Currently ScaleGraph supports only C++ back end on MPI runtime.

Virtual Box Image

  • Cent OS 6.5 X86_64 with ScaleGraph library 2.2, Extedned X10 2.3.1_2.2 and X10DT 
    download (1.1 GB, 7zip)
    • MD5 checksum: bdf3875a65ee48f469470c3f497cc1b7
    • SHA1 checksum: 55eb9443c60ea2e8374d1b77b4dc6fc9675a9059
  • You can download 7zip extractor from this page.
  • There are two users in the image root and scalegraph (username:password )
    • root:rootpw
    • scalegraph:scalegraphpw

ScaleGraph library source code

Extended X10 compiler and runtime

  • Extended X10 2.3.1_2.2 source code zip tar.gz

Extended X10DT

  • X10DT 2.3.1_2.2 for Linux (64 bit) download
  • X10DT 2.3.1_2.2 for Mac OS X (X86_64) download

Development environment

The latest release of ScaleGraph library has been developed and tested with MVAPICH2 1.9 on Tsubame supercomputers.


All releases

ScaleGraph 2.2

  • ScaleGraph 2.2 source code zip tar.gz
  • ScaleGraph 2.2 API download
  • Extended X10 2.3.1_2.2 source code zip tar.gz
  • X10DT 2.3.1_2.2 for Linux (64 bit) download
  • X10DT 2.3.1_2.2 for Mac OS X (X86_64) download
  • Virtual Box Image (Cent OS 6.5 X86_64) download

ScaleGraph 2.1

  • ScaleGraph 2.1 source code zip tar.gz
  • Extended X10 2.3.1 source code zip tar.gz
  • X10DT 2.3.1 for Linux (64 bit) download
  • X10DT 2.3.1 for Mac OS X (X86_64) download



Download the ScaleGraph